AT&T Piano

Production Company:  Shilo
Director:  Cassidy Gearhart and André Stringer
Director of Photography:  Max Goldman
Lead CG / VFX Supervisor:  Christopher Fung
3d Lighting:  Christopher Fung, Craig Kohlmeyer
3d Modelling:  Youngmin Kim
3d Previzualisation:  Richard Cayton
Compositing:  Dorian West, Christopher Fung, Cassidy Gearhart, 
Shiouwen Hong, Helen Kim
2d Animation:  Shiouwen Hong
3d Tracking:  Eric Epstein, Matt Broeska, Emily Meger




Rotoscoping: Jihyae Ham, Adriana Vallejo
Editor: Cassidy Gearhart
Line Producer: Chris Palladino
Production Coordinator: Damon Smith
Production Manager:  Rob Smyth
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Post Producer: Amy Fahl
Sound Design & Music Company: Mophonics
Final Mix Company: Sonic Union
Mixer: Mike Marinelli
Talent: Kwan Yi