Dubai Metro

Production Company:  Shilo
Director:  Shilo
Creative Director:  André Stringer
Associate Creative Director:  Evan Owen Dennis
CG Lead:  Christopher Fung
3D Modeling & Animation:  Richard Cayton, Christopher Fung, Cedrick Gousse
Editor:  Cassidy Gearhart
Assistant Editor:  Hedia Maron
Producer:  Jeremy Yaches
Executive Producer:  Tracy Chandler

Music Composer:  Q Department
Sound Design:  Echolab

Compositing:  Smoke & Mirrors
Flame Artists:  Philip Akka, Nic Seresin
3d Artists:  Greg Calas, Mike Donovan, Serkan Eterkin, 
Wei Louie, Steven Parrish
Producer:  Lauren Shawe


Probably plenty of versions of this script around the internet, but I wrote it early on in the project to help manage the tens of thousands of dominoes we were about to be buried under. As the name suggests, it simply duplicates an object at regular intervals along a curve allowing them to be repositioned using the CV curve while also maintaining the child's history. This allowed us to duplicate our pre-rigged dominoes allowing us to quickly switch between dynamically simulated dominoes for hero shots and keyframed animation for the wider shots.