Under Armour "Fierce Speed"

Production Company:  Shilo
Director:  Noah Conopask
Creative Director:  Andre Stringer, Noah Conopask
Designer:  Andre Stringer, Noah Conopask
CG Lead:  Christopher Fung
3D Animation:  Christopher Fung, Christina Ku, Joji Tsuruga
3D Lighting/Texturing/Rendering:  Christopher Fung, Christina Ku, Joji Tsuruga
3D Modeling:  Youngmin Kim
VFX Artist:  Warren Heimall

Compositing: Will Decker,  Christopher Fung, Bashir Hamid,     
Tamir Sapir, Joji Tsuruga, Joel Voelker, Dorian West
Assistant Editor: Hedia Maron
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Producer: Amy Fahl
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Sound Design Company: Echolab
Sound Designer: Gavin Little

Early previz scored to classic Star Trek. A Nathan Caswell masterstroke.

Modelling provided by Youngmin Kim. Look development by moi.