Christopher Fung

BMW "Snake"

Co-directed for BMW China with Steve Mottershead at Artjail


Audible "Books That Speak to You"

Production Company:  Artjail
Director:  Christopher Fung
Creative Director:  Steve Mottershead
3d Animators:  Tiffany Chung, Nick Dubois, Shawn Lipowski, Seung Sung
Executive Producer: Arthur Portnoy
Producer: Lisa Starace
Agency:  RG/A


New York Festivals

Trophy Design
Agency:  Sagmeister & Walsh
Creative Director:  Stefan Sagmeister
Art Director:  Jessica Walsh
Research:  Lorenzo Fanton
3d Design & Technical Direction:  Christopher Fung

New York Festivals Launch Film
Production Company:  Ladies & Gentlemen
Director:  Christopher Fung
Director of Photography:  Zak Mulligan
3d Lighting:  Tiffany Chung, Ylli Orana
Compositing:  Tiffany Chung, Ylli Orana
Executive Producer:  Jojo Mu


Daniel Vosovic S/S 2013

Featured on

Production Company:  Ladies & Gentlemen
Director:  Christopher Fung
Director of Photography:  John McCabe
Assistant Director:  Andrew Greenberg
Assistant Camera / DIT:  David Berman
Hair & Makeup:  Joshua Ristaino using Chanel Beauté
Design Assistant:  Sydney Halela

Styling Assistant:  Kathleen Cheevers, Amy Powell
Production Assistant: Miles Bouckoms, Quinn Griffin
Editor:  Nathan Caswell, Christopher Fung
Compositor:  Tiffany Chung
Executive Producer:  Jojo Mu
Composer:  Nathan Edwards
Talent:  Isabella Boylston


SEI "Gears"

Promotional Film & Print Campaign, 2013-2014

Production Company:  Ladies & Gentlemen
Director:  Christopher Fung
3d Animation / Lighting / Compositing:  Tiffany Chung, Christopher Fung, Craig Kohlmeyer
Executive Producer: Jojo Mu


Agency: Story Worldwide 
Creative Director: Rory McHarg
Associate Creative Director: Sarah Harrison 
Senior Account Executive: Carrie Mulholland




Designed these concept frames for a series of Play-Doh ads with the good people at My Active Driveway.



AdCouncil "Buzzed"

Production Company:  Ladies & Gentlemen
Director:  Christopher Fung
3d Lighters:  Tiffany Chung, Craig Kohlmeyer
Compositors:  Tiffany Chung, Christopher Fung, Craig Kohlmeyer
Editor:  Christopher Fung
Executive Producer:  Jojo Mu
Director of Photography:  David Tumblety



What's Inside Lexus Hybrid Drive

Designed these concept frames for the web series "What's Inside" published by Wired.



Just a concept frame for a short that I designed waiting for renders late one night. Hope to revisit this world someday soon.



Ford "Concrete"

Designed this poster frame for a treatment for my friends over at The Public Record.



Your Highness

Production Company:  Ladies & Gentlemen
Director / Creative Director:  Christopher Fung
3d Animator:  Henning Koczy
3d Texture Artist:  Tiffany Chung
3d Lighter / Compositor:  Craig Kohlmeyer
Illustrator:  Morgan Schweitzer
Executive Producer:  Jojo Mu

In Collaboration with The Secretariat
Executive Creative Director:  Daniel Garcia


AT&T Piano

Production Company:  Shilo
Director:  Cassidy Gearhart and André Stringer
Director of Photography:  Max Goldman
Lead CG / VFX Supervisor:  Christopher Fung
3d Lighting:  Christopher Fung, Craig Kohlmeyer
3d Modelling:  Youngmin Kim
3d Previzualisation:  Richard Cayton
Compositing:  Dorian West, Christopher Fung, Cassidy Gearhart, 
Shiouwen Hong, Helen Kim
2d Animation:  Shiouwen Hong
3d Tracking:  Eric Epstein, Matt Broeska, Emily Meger




Rotoscoping: Jihyae Ham, Adriana Vallejo
Editor: Cassidy Gearhart
Line Producer: Chris Palladino
Production Coordinator: Damon Smith
Production Manager:  Rob Smyth
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Post Producer: Amy Fahl
Sound Design & Music Company: Mophonics
Final Mix Company: Sonic Union
Mixer: Mike Marinelli
Talent: Kwan Yi


Kings of Leon "Pyro"

Production Company:  Phear Creative
Directors:  Max Goldman, Paul Greenhouse, Casey McGrafth

Post-Production:  Ladies & Gentlemen
VFX Supervisor:  Christopher Fung
Compositors:  J Bush, Leslie Chung, Tiffany Chung, Christopher Fung

Post-Production:  Carbon VFX (Face Healing)
VFX Supervisor:  Kieran Walsh
Flame Artist:  Kieran Walsh


Under Armour "Fierce Speed"

Production Company:  Shilo
Director:  Noah Conopask
Creative Director:  Andre Stringer, Noah Conopask
Designer:  Andre Stringer, Noah Conopask
CG Lead:  Christopher Fung
3D Animation:  Christopher Fung, Christina Ku, Joji Tsuruga
3D Lighting/Texturing/Rendering:  Christopher Fung, Christina Ku, Joji Tsuruga
3D Modeling:  Youngmin Kim
VFX Artist:  Warren Heimall

Compositing: Will Decker,  Christopher Fung, Bashir Hamid,     
Tamir Sapir, Joji Tsuruga, Joel Voelker, Dorian West
Assistant Editor: Hedia Maron
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Producer: Amy Fahl
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Sound Design Company: Echolab
Sound Designer: Gavin Little

Early previz scored to classic Star Trek. A Nathan Caswell masterstroke.

Modelling provided by Youngmin Kim. Look development by moi.


Dubai Metro

Production Company:  Shilo
Director:  Shilo
Creative Director:  André Stringer
Associate Creative Director:  Evan Owen Dennis
CG Lead:  Christopher Fung
3D Modeling & Animation:  Richard Cayton, Christopher Fung, Cedrick Gousse
Editor:  Cassidy Gearhart
Assistant Editor:  Hedia Maron
Producer:  Jeremy Yaches
Executive Producer:  Tracy Chandler

Music Composer:  Q Department
Sound Design:  Echolab

Compositing:  Smoke & Mirrors
Flame Artists:  Philip Akka, Nic Seresin
3d Artists:  Greg Calas, Mike Donovan, Serkan Eterkin, 
Wei Louie, Steven Parrish
Producer:  Lauren Shawe


Probably plenty of versions of this script around the internet, but I wrote it early on in the project to help manage the tens of thousands of dominoes we were about to be buried under. As the name suggests, it simply duplicates an object at regular intervals along a curve allowing them to be repositioned using the CV curve while also maintaining the child's history. This allowed us to duplicate our pre-rigged dominoes allowing us to quickly switch between dynamically simulated dominoes for hero shots and keyframed animation for the wider shots.


Scion "Little Deviants"

Was part of the design team at Shilo and created these styleframes for the Scion xD Little Deviants campaign.